2. June, 2023

Head of Accounting (SLO)

In other words, we are looking for a seasoned expert in the field of accounting, with the desire to lead ambitious and advanced teams. We expect you to harness their enthusiasm, enrich them with your professional expertise and connect them even more with the Unija Group. Our mentors, colleagues and our sophisticated training system, will always help you with this. Because once we decide to choose you as our leader, we will do everything to make our decision the right one.

31. May, 2023

Senior Accountant (SLO)

We think like this: if you know how to devote yourself to your garden with Zen-like calmness and composure, the dynamic, complex and changing business world probably won’t completely derail you. We want someone who keeps a calm blood and clear mind, even when it comes to balance sheets, accounts and annual reports for the biggest companies. And, of course, someone who knows how to pass on his Zen and accounting wisdom to new generations. In our training system, experienced mentors are always a valued category. If you’re not yet trained in Zen gardening, that’s okay. May you find your peace in something beautiful. It’s never too late to start gardening.

5. April, 2023

Pantheon Accountant (SLO)

We don’t necessarily see everyone who is proficient in Pantheon as a god, but you will certainly be admired. Of course, you will also receive professional support from your experienced colleagues, and the work will be exciting. You can also socialize with mere mortals, as befits any pantheon.


The first meeting of Slovenian accountants,