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Vacant positions

Do you have extensive knowledge and experience? Excellent. There is always a place for you in our team. You don’t have extensive knowledge and experience yet, but you are ready to put in the effort? Excellent too. Our mentors will help you with this.

Vacant positions

Do you have extensive knowledge and experience? Excellent. There is always a place for you in our team. You don’t have extensive knowledge and experience yet, but you are ready to put in the effort? Excellent too. Our mentors will help you with this.

Come work with us!


Vacant positions

Do you have extensive knowledge and experience? Excellent. There is always a place for you in our team. You don’t have extensive knowledge and experience yet, but you are ready to put in the effort? Excellent too. Our mentors will help you with this.

Come work with us!

About us

Unija Smart Accounting is an international accounting house offering high-quality services in the field of accounting, consulting and advanced IT solutions.

Our mission is to ensure the long-term success and growth of our customers. We do our business so they can do theirs. Our customers are leading international and local companies that require superior and reliable support. Our colleagues are top experts in their fields, and with regular, systematic training, we make sure it stays that way. Our ambition is to provide an inspiring work environment and a high business culture. With superior services and the development of advanced technological solutions, we exceed our customers’ expectations. This helps us stay on top. And our customers too.

We encourage creativity and teamwork. We systematically take care of education and introduce new solutions that help us work easier and better. We strive to create an environment where we respect each other, trust each other and help each other grow. Professionally and personally. And we are proud of it.

We strive to promote change for the better. With actions, with example, with passion. In the environment in which we live and work, in society, in the world. This is our story.

I like working in a team and being able to work in different locations. I worked in Tivat, Montenegro, for a week , I attend workshops in Zagreb and Belgrade, last year’s teambuilding was in Montenegro, this year’s in Macedonia… The experience you get is invaluable. And it’s a lot of fun.

— Lara Marjanović, accountant

Our desire is to promote changes for the better.

In the environment in which we  live and work, in society, in the world. We create a work environment and business culture that we are proud of.

Grow with us

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For students

Where do you see yourself?




Unija Academy

All employees have a pre-planned training and education plan. We call it Unija Academy. This is how we maintain the high level of professionalism and reliability we are proud of.

Professional education

In addition to the internal education system, each of us receives at least 1,000 euros for external education of our choice.

Soft skills

In addition to the internal education system, each of us receives at least 1,000 euros for external education of our choice.

Foreign Languages

We regularly perfect our selves in at least one foreign language, but mostly in two. In addition to Slovene, it is expected that we also master English, German or Serbo-Croatian.


Anyone who wants to intensively delve into a particular field can join a special work program under the guidance of mentors. We call it the talent program.


This is how we call the program that allows us to work on an exchange abroad. Thus, we can occasionally work in any of the Unija's units in the region, from Ljubljana and Zagreb, to Belgrade and Podgorica, even in Tivat. An excellent opportunity to gain experience, professional knowledge, make new acquaintances and get to know new places. Not to mention the local cuisine.



We have a clear and transparent promotion system. With this, everyone can choose their career direction, know which criteria they must meet and what challenges this entails. When it comes to promotions, we can always count on the help of more experienced colleagues and an organized, well-functioning mentoring system.

Where do we work

The headquarters of Unija is in the Unija Business Building in Brezovica near Ljubljana. Comfortable bright offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls, parking and the indispensable Unija Lounge. Everything is here.

Our business units in other parts of Slovenia play a huge role in connecting us with the local economy. All units are
completely connected operationally, so in principle we can work in each and any one of them as if we were working in the headquarters.


Office Podgorica (CG)
Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o.

Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona 98, Capital Plaza 81000 Podgorica

8-ма Ударна бригада број 39
1000 Скопје

Pisarna Beograd (SR)
Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o.


Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 165 G,
11070 Novi Beograd

Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o. Sarajevo
Marka Marulića 2,
71000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina 

Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o. Mostar
Podružnica Mostar
Dr. Ante Starčevića bb,
88 000 Mostar

Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o.

Tržaška cesta 515

1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani

+386 1 360 20 00

+386 3 060 30 01


Kapucinski trg 11

4220 Škofja Loka

+386 4 506 04 00


Sončni Log 7

1370 Logatec

+386 1 360 20 47


Ljubljanska cesta 28

8000 Novo mesto

+386 1 360 20 26


Petrovče 256

3301 Petrovče

+386 3 424 43 11


Titova cesta 2a

2000 Maribor

+386 2 205 88 37


Rožna ulica 4

5280 Idrija

+386 5 777 55 00


Cesta 4. julija 24

8270 Krško

+386 65 557 712

Pisarna Zagreb (CRO)
Data-Link Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o.


Horvatova ulica 80a
10000 Zagreb

Sports games

Are you into sports? Excellent! Every year, one of the countries in the region organizes three-day sports games for all Unija’s colleagues. Sports, entertainment, socializing, cuisine. We think you’ll enjoy it.

It's happening

Our Workout Team takes care of this.

If there is a New Year’s party to organize, they take matters into their own hands. A family picnic? Of course, always pleasant and fun. A visit from Santa Claus? Say no more. Also suitable for children.

Oh yes, in our industry, the peak of the season is during the annual business reports. After completing the balance sheets, we always take a trip or excursion. Fun times.

STUDENT REGIONAL COMPETITION, where all students can show their creativity.

At Unija Smart Accounting, we are always looking for creative solutions that push the boundaries in the field of accounting, business consulting and information technology. We achieved numerous breakthroughs in professional and technical fields and established new operating standards. This is precisely why we want to help young people acquire skills that will come in handy in the business world in addition to formal education. Competitions like these.

The competition is organized so that students can apply to one of the three fields offered: accounting, consulting and information technology.

The Unija Challenge competition consists of two phases. In the first phase, participants will compete within their country, for which the first three places will be awarded. The ten best rated works from the entire region will enter the finals of the international competition and the first three places will also receive prizes.

Students can apply individually or as a group, choosing one of the fields offered. With this, they approach solving the project task and show their creativity and knowledge.

We believe that an unencumbered and unconventional view from the outside can bring fresh solutions that may be excellent starting points for new breakthroughs. They will certainly be a great launching pad for a young student’s career and, who knows, maybe our paths will cross again soon.

Aim and benefits:

Unija Case Study

UNIJA organizes an event for students once a year, which takes place in a pleasant environment by the sea or elsewhere. Where students jointly research and solve a specific business challenge. The goal of this event is to encourage innovative thinking and teamwork. Students get to know Unija and Unija gets to know them. The Unija Case Study event is a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills, develop teamwork skills, put their ideas into practice and network with other students and industry professionals.

Aim and benefits:

A program where we don’t just offer you practice. We offer you knowledge. We offer you a job. You will immediately start working in a real environment. You will be able to spread your knowledge, but also use it directly.

We need you:

if you only have a few study obligations left or you are enrolled in postgraduate studies and have no experience yet,

if you want to start your career in one of the most successful accounting firms,

or if you want to be among the selected candidates to whom the Union will offer the opportunity for career development.


We are looking for young people, students, without work experience. We are looking for you who believe that acquiring knowledge, dedication and patience have not yet gone out of fashion.

Aim and benefits:

What we stand for

At the Unija, we live our values.

We connected our value system in a diagram. Check it out. It's not as complicated as it looks.


Being part of Unija not only means a stable and organized working environment, but also brings many advantages that help us balance better life and work. In other words, work better and live better at the same time.

All employees receive it and can use it at their own discretion for certified training in their field.

A robust and proven training system ensures that we are always up to date with the latest changes and findings in our field. At the same time, it encourages our professional growth and career advancement.

A transparent promotion system helps us plan our career path. You can find out more about our promotion system here >>

Pleasant and well-arranged working conditions mean a lot to us. If our work allows it, we can arrange a hybrid workplace. This means that we work two days in the office and three days remotely – from home or with a beach view.

Mandatory attendance at the workplace is between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Outside these working hours, the employee can adjust the daily working hours according to the needs of the work process (“sliding hours”).

Do you like any of the popular sports? Great, because once a year employees from all units of Unija compete in sports games. A couple of days of socializing, sports, fun and cuisine. Every year in a different country, every year a lot of fun.

Occasionally, we spend a week or more on exchange in business units of Unija abroad. Or colleagues from other units come to us. This system of exchanges is called Circulation. You can find more about this here “Circulation”


Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o. Tržaška cesta 515 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani


28. September, 2023

Payroll Accountant (SLO)

This is because our specialists are perfectly educated and trained and because they work in an orderly, pleasant and stimulating international environment that guarantees top-notch services and high reliability. Our customers appreciate this. And the number of our clients grows every month. That's why we invite you to join our teams and be a part of this exciting growth.

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21. September, 2023

Payroll Specialist (CRO)

We are looking for someone with experience in projects including Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or other institutions of this kind.

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13. September, 2023

Tax Advisor (SRB)

We are counting on your good orientation skills to help you navigate your way through the complex maze of tax regulations, and that you will do well in a complex international environment. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging. Of course, on all our expeditions, our experienced and well-equipped teams of tax investigators are always close by, if you need any help. If you are looking for some company for a cup of coffee, that as well!

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12. September, 2023

Head of Accounting (SLO)

We are looking for an experienced accountant to manage our unit in Maribor. If leading capable and piercing teams is as close to your heart as managing accounts, we'd love to hear from you. And if working in the dynamic environment of a large international accounting firm sounds interesting to you, we believe we can find a common ground. Our experienced colleagues will help you quickly pick up the pace, and our well-established training system will help you stay at the top of your professionalism. This is where you want to be, isn't it? Join us! It could be the career leap you've been waiting for.

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12. September, 2023

Accountant (SLO)

You know, those jokes about boring accountants, how a couple of days with them is like an eternity and so on. If you don't know what they're talking about, we'd like you to get in touch. We also find accounting exciting, creative and full of challenges. And now, when more and more companies recognize us as one of the leading authorities in the region, we are looking for new colleagues. Join us! Our well-developed training system will help you stay at the professional top, and our experienced colleagues will support you even in the most demanding projects. Don't worry - we know you understand jokes about accountants. But those jokes are about accounting from different times. Or from some other companies.

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12. September, 2023

Entry – level Accountant (SLO)

We are happy to fulfill such a wish. Join us, and our experienced mentors will make sure that you won't be a beginner for very long. Our goal is for you to become an excellent accounting professional as soon as possible. If your goal is something similar, we want you to contact us. Our well-developed system of training and mentoring will take you on a steep climb from beginner to expert, and our experienced colleagues will support and help you during the climb. Of course, we have first-hand experience. We were all beginners once.

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1. September, 2023

ICT Security Engineer (SLO, BIH)

We are looking for a Cyber Security Engineer who can solve a Sudoku puzzle in fifteen minutes or less, and […]

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24. August, 2023

Accountant (BIH)

No, indeed. We want to establish a team and triumph at Unija's international sporting events. Of course, we normally enjoy winning, so your expertise and understanding in accounting will be a fantastic fit. However, even if your accounting skills are better than your athletic skills, you are still welcome. We value teamwork over winning more than anything else in sports. But only in relation to sports.

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